Verb details

Word:'ichtalaf AaniicKtalaf Aan  إختـَلـَف عـَن
Meaning:differ (from)differ (from) 


for actions that happened in the past

I differed'ana 'ichtalaftaacnaa iicKtalaft أنا َ إختـَلـَفت
We differed'ihna 'ichtalafnaiicHnaa iicKtalafnaa إحنا َ إختـَلـَفنا
You(m) differed'inta 'ichtalaftiicnta iicKtalaft إنت َ إختـَلـَفت
You(f) differed'inti 'ichtalaftiiicnti iicKtalafty إنت ِ إختـَلـَفتي
You(pl) differed'intu 'ichtalaftuiicntoo iicKtalaftoo إنتوا إختـَلـَفتوا
He/it(m) differedhuwa 'ichtalafhuwa iicKtalaf هـُو َ إختـَلـَف
She/it(f) differedhiya 'ichtalafithiya iicKtalafit هـِي َ إختـَلـَفـِت
They differedhumma 'ichtalafuhumma iicKtalafoo هـُمّ َ إختـَلـَفوا


used with modals (must, should, could, want to...

I might differ'ana yimkin 'achtalifaacnaa yimkin aacKtalif أنا َ يـِمكـِن أختـَلـِف
We might differ'ihna yimkin nachtalifiicHnaa yimkin naKtalif إحنا َ يـِمكـِن نـَختـَلـِف
You(m) might differ'inta yimkin tachtalifiicnta yimkin taKtalif إنت َ يـِمكـِن تـَختـَلـِف
You(f) might differ'inti yimkin tachtalifiiicnti yimkin taKtalify إنت ِ يـِمكـِن تـَختـَلـِفي
You(pl) might differ'intu yimkin tachtalifuiicntoo yimkin taKtalifoo إنتوا يـِمكـِن تـَختـَلـِفوا
He/it(m) might differhuwa yimkin yachtalifhuwa yimkin yaKtalif هـُو َ يـِمكـِن يـَختـَلـِف
She/it(f) might differhiya yimkin tachtalifhiya yimkin taKtalif هـِي َ يـِمكـِن تـَختـَلـِف
They might differhumma yimkin yachtalfuhumma yimkin yaKtalfoo هـُمّ َ يـِمكـِن يـَختـَلفوا


for actions happening now and habitual actions

I differ'ana bachtalifaacnaa baKtalif أنا َ بـَختـَلـِف
We differ'ihna binachtalifiicHnaa binaKtalif إحنا َ بـِنـَختـَلـِف
You(m) differ'inta bitachtalifiicnta bitaKtalif إنت َ بـِتـَختـَلـِف
You(f) differ'inti bitachtalifiiicnti bitaKtalify إنت ِ بـِتـَختـَلـِفي
You(pl) differ'intu bitachtalifuiicntoo bitaKtalifoo إنتوا بـِتـَختـَلـِفوا
He/it(m) differshuwa biyachtalifhuwa biyaKtalif هـُو َ بـِيـَختـَلـِف
She/it(f) differshiya bitachtalifhiya bitaKtalif هـِي َ بـِتـَختـَلـِف
They differhumma biyachtalfuhumma biyaKtalfoo هـُمّ َ بـِيـَختـَلفوا


for actions that will happen in the future

I will differ'ana hachtalifaacnaa haKtalif أنا َ هـَختـَلـِف
We will differ'ihna hanachtalifiicHnaa hanaKtalif إحنا َ هـَنـَختـَلـِف
You(m) will differ'inta hatachtalifiicnta hataKtalif إنت َ هـَتـَختـَلـِف
You(f) will differ'inti hatachtalifiiicnti hataKtalify إنت ِ هـَتـَختـَلـِفي
You(pl) will differ'intu hatachtalifuiicntoo hataKtalifoo إنتوا هـَتـَختـَلـِفوا
He/it(m) will differhuwa hayachtalifhuwa hayaKtalif هـُو َ هـَيـَختـَلـِف
She/it(f) will differhiya hatachtalifhiya hataKtalif هـِي َ هـَتـَختـَلـِف
They will differhumma hayachtalfuhumma hayaKtalfoo هـُمّ َ هـَيـَختـَلفوا


telling somebody to do something

You(m) differ!'ichtalifiicKtalif إختـَلـِف
You(f) differ!'ichtalifiiicKtalify إختـَلـِفي
You(pl) differ!'ichtalifuiicKtalifoo إختـَلـِفوا