Verb details

Meaning:taqaddamtaQaddam  تـَقـَدّ َم


for actions that happened in the past

I progressed'ana taqaddamtaacnaa taQaddamt أنا َ تـَقـَدّ َمت
We progressed'ihna taqaddamnaiicHnaa taQaddamnaa إحنا َ تـَقـَدّ َمنا
You(m) progressed'inta taqaddamtiicnta taQaddamt إنت َ تـَقـَدّ َمت
You(f) progressed'inti taqaddamtiiicnti taQaddamty إنت ِ تـَقـَدّ َمتي
You(pl) progressed'intu taqaddamtuiicntoo taQaddamtoo إنتوا تـَقـَدّ َمتوا
He/it(m) progressedhuwa taqaddamhuwa taQaddam هـُو َ تـَقـَدّ َم
She/it(f) progressedhiya taqaddamithiya taQaddamit هـِي َ تـَقـَدّ َمـِت
They progressedhumma taqaddamuhumma taQaddamoo هـُمّ َ تـَقـَدّ َموا