Egyptian Arabic Dictionary

Example sentences

This page explains how to use the Example sentences page of the Egyptian Arabic Dictionary. You can get to this page in two ways:

  • All examples: Click on the Examples entry in the Online options... section on the left of a page to see all example sentences
  • Examples for one word: Click on the next to a word in one of the other pages to see the examples that include this word.

For more information about Egyptian arabic grammar, see the Arabic grammar page.

Example selection

Navigate through the selected examples

At the top of the page is an area that you can use to move through the selected examples. It tells you which example number is currently displayed, and you can use the and buttons to move back and forth through the examples.

You can also use the button on the right to specify how you want the Egyptian words to be written in european writing.

Current example

The current example

The middle section shows the current example in european letters and arabic writing. One of the words is highlighted, and the details for this word are displayed below. You can select a different word by clicking on the word in either the european or the arabic version of the example.

You will also see a translation of the example, and any explanatory notes about it.

Selected word

Full details of the selected word

The last section shows full details for the selected word. The information is in three parts: details about the word itself, all of the forms of the word, and meanings of the word.