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The Java version of the Egyptian Arabic Dictionary can be used on Windows, OSX, Linux and on any other system offering a Java Runtime Environment.

The app is not just a dictionary: it is an extensive collection of learning aids for students of Egyptian Arabic.

You can search for a word even if you are not sure how to spell it, you can use the regular dictionary or thesaurus with recordings of all words, you can learn vocabulary, you can see and hear example sentences, you can study Egyptian Arabic grammar, you can improve your pronunciation... you can even learn to read and write arabic!

While you are using the app, you can select the View Help option from the Help menu to go straight to the appropriate section of this document.

Main view tabs

The application contains several views: you can get to them using the main view tabs. The tabs looks like this:

Main Tabs

These are the views that you can access using the main view tabs

App menu

App menu

You can access the settings view and various help documents via the App menu.

The Settings view can be used to set various options that are used throughout the app, or on specific views

The Help option gives access to these HTML documents:


This view appears when you start the application. You can get back to it using the Search tab on the main view tab.

Search controls

At the top of the screen, there are two controls:

When you type in a word and press Enter, the search view displays a list on the left containing about twenty words in the selected language that are similar in spelling to the word that you entered.

List of similar words

For each search word, the app displays the following details:

element codeprep
notessimilar to

The usage is a star indicating how frequently the word is used: the options are

If you click on a word entry, you will see full details of the word on the right, together with an example sentence (if available) and all of the words in the other language that have the same meaning. You can then click on one of the meaning words to see full details of the meaning word.

Details for the selected word

Egyptian words and forms will appear in transliterated or pronounced form on the left and in arabic on the right. Use the Arabic tab in the settings to adjust the way that this information is presented.

At the top of the right hand side are some controls relating to the selected word. These are:

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